Knock Down Meeting Counter for Trade Show

ECRM Merchandising Solutions in Chicago 2019. How do you display what you can do and stand out from the table and drape crowd? Build your own table and back wall right? Solid surface veneer, HPL, stainless steel, LED, and video was all part of it. It is also designed for one person to set up and knock down, and fit in the back of an SUV. It worked well. Next time we bring our own chairs though.



Yes, you can use one at work too!  This is the easiest way to quickly store your bike.  Made right here in Madison, Wisconsin.  Our creation.


A few times a year we exhibit our High Security Displays at trade shows.  If you've ever exhibited at a trade show you know it can take a long time for crates to come back at the end of the show.  It can be in the middle of the night which can be nerve racking when you have a flight home at 8am. We made the crate the booth.  It's an aluminum frame clad in HDPE.  A tall display, counter display and video screen all fit.  Set up and take down takes less than half an hour.  

Self Bussing Stations

For Noodles and Company.  Trick was in the design of the stainless countertop.  Fewest welds means lower costs.

Hoffman wins 2017 Award of Excellence from IIDA

GlobalShop 2017 in Las Vegas.  Hoffman Manufacturing Corp wins 2017 Award of Excellence in the Category of Fixtures for our Trek Bicycle wheel holders.  We received this nice framed document and acknowledgement.  

Bicycle Display Wheel Holder

Left hand/Right hand threaded studs are the key to parallel plates that hold a bike with tire widths from 1.25" to 3.25"

Hoffman work for Trek Bicycle featured in Surface and Panel Magazine

Link to article right here.

"Material Decisions are Critical as Trek Brings New Look to Stores."  The nice lady pictured here is Krista Browne.  She's the awesome designer that created the store.  We engineered and built the fixtures.

Wall of Champions at Kohl Center

Whole lotta LED light boxes!  Aluminum boxes and frames hang on a modular framing system.  Designed by Thysse

GlobalShop 2016

Our 20' x 20' booth at GlobalShop told four stories about our clients and projects.  Trek Bicycle, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Gander Mountain, and the University of Wisconsin.  

High Security Displays

Gander Mountain challenged us to engineer a display case that could hold up to attack for three minutes.  They gave up after 15.  Now it is a product line available to all retailers and museums.

TrekWorld 2015

Life size snow globes, Gunsmoke cabins, birch forests!  Best TrekWorld ever.  Designed by Art Industry Inc

GlobalShop 2015

Our first year exhibiting!  We decided to feature the new High Security Displays and a tricked out aluminum back wall to the booth.  We also did Material Intelligence's booth behind us.

Three chairs from one sheet of plywood

We needed some more chairs in our office.  We made some.  The parts are nested tight so we can get three chairs from one 4x8 sheet of plywood.  It's comfortable too.  The seat is contoured with four different parts.  

Union Theater

This was a great opportunity to have our work at the Memorial Union on the UW-Madison Campus.  We cut the letters with our CNC router and poured in epoxy.  Designed by ZebraDog.

Crazy Planet

I don't know what this is but kids at the Madison Children's' Museum like to climb in it.  Great opportunity to work with fiberglass.

La Crosse Veterans' Memorial

Interactive Kiosks!  Welded and powder coated aluminum with a lot of electronics in it.  Designed by ZebraDog.

20' Spider

Welded from 3/16" aluminum plate.; 20' Spider.  Why?  Not sure but no regrets.  Hell yes Art Industry Inc.

Niche at Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Designed by ZebraDog (ZD Studios) in Madison, WI.   Engineered and fabricated by Hoffman Manufacturing Corp.  Interactive Kiosks at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

Steep N Brew grocery merchandiser

Traditionally, coffee merchandisers consist of bulky, utilitarian cabinets.  Steep & Brew of Madison, Wisconsin, required a customized version that would be both modern and modular in its design.  The resulting product designed and made by Hoffman Manufacturing Corporation, also of Madison, can be knocked down and conveniently carried in the back of a salesperson’s vehicle with no assistance required at set up.  The light-weight concept is inherently as well as economically attractive, with convenient features like a tamper-proof bar across the bulk bins appealing to both customer and seller.  The unique design of this merchandiser provides a premium shopping experience to buyers within the grocery aisle, directly translating to increased sales of Steep & Brew products since the display’s introduction.